First rule: You do not talk about the club.


In chronological order, from the most recent to the oldest/archived ones.

2023– The Cubinskyi’s Trio: Identity (to be clarified), Club (this blog), Gaming (that portal);
– Looking for Reddit’s alternatives. First Lemmy-based project for the Ukrainian-speaking community.
2022– Various unsuccessful attempts to resurrect my writing habits.
2021– Ze Gaming Club has reached over 1,000,000 views and become the top-3 Google search results for its content.
2020– My first movie review on the largest post-soviet community website DTF (account removed per my request).
– Birth of Ze Gaming Club. Website, YouTube, exploring the mobile gaming addiction. Also, my first attempt to make a podcast.
2019– Author of a few articles on, another Ukrainian media website. Unfortunately, the project didn’t manage to succeed and was shut down a few years later.
2016– My first real game review on the largest Ukrainian media website ( Available in its original language here.
– I have started to write short gaming-related news and reviews on this website.