First rule: You do not talk about the club.


Hello everyone,

My name is Serhiy (Serhii, Serg, Sergio, Sergey works as well), I’m a casual gamer and also a content creator. The idea of creating a blog in English has been in my head for a while. Every time I couldn’t start my only excuse was:

I’m not a native speaker.

On June 25th 2020, I changed my mind and decided to give it a try. What I’m planning to write about? Short answer: stuff I play or enjoy at the moment:

I would love to connect with people sharing the same interests and passion for gaming, no matter what platform and genre.

I plan to add content variety gradually – starting with some text guides and moving on to videos at some point. I can’t estimate how much time it would take me to write or make videos in English because I’ve done that before only in my native languages (I’m a bilingual Ukrainian / Russian speaker).

Also, feedback is quite important for me – even when it’s criticizing. I have learned that making mistakes is normal and by doing so – I only progress forward.

Ah, before I forgot. How did I come up with naming the website? As you know, Eastern European people pronounce “the” article in a very specific manner that sounds very close to “ze”. So I thought it would be funny enough to start ze gaming website 🙂

On Feb 24th 2022, everything changed. The ruzzian invasion of Ukraine woke me up like a cold shower. I couldn’t work, write or sleep for the first weeks and mostly spent time on the phone.

Soon I realised it can’t continue indefinitely, so I started to work as a volunteer. I will skip this part here and describe it somewhere else.

What is this relevant to my blog and gaming website? Because I could no longer stand “Z” letter and had to rebrand everything. This is how idea of “Cubinskyi” came up.

You can find my old “archive” following this link and my new “beginning” here.

To be continued.